Over 500,000 Pharmacy Techs Have Passed the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

May 15th, 2016

The Pharmacy Artisan Acceptance Lath (PTCB) is the better pharmacy tech acceptance alignment in the U.S. PTCB appear endure abatement that 503,620 CPhT certifications had been accepted as of June 30, 2013. You accept to accept a top academy authority (or equivalent) and canyon the absolute Pharmacy Artisan Acceptance Assay (PTCE) in adjustment to become a PTCB certified pharmacy tech.

The PTCE is accustomed in all 50 states (and Washington D.C.), and the PTCE is alone pharmacy artisan acceptance assay advised by the Civic Association of Boards of Pharmacy. You can yield the PTCE at any of the 237 Pearson VUE Able Centers nationwide.

PTCB’s acceptance affairs not alone assesses accepted knowledge, it aswell requires PTs to advance acceptance by accomplishing specific continuing apprenticeship requirements. PTCB-certified pharmacy techs accept to complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing apprenticeship every two (2) year recertification cycle.

Statement from PTCB CEO

“Passing the half-million mark is an agitative anniversary in the advance of PTCB’s civic acceptance program,” said PTCB Executive Director and CEO Everett B. McAllister, MPA, RPh. “The PTCB CPhT credential represents an accomplished alleyway to application opportunities for pharmacy technicians. It enables them to break accepted and be able to accommodated the requirements of the activity as our healthcare arrangement evolves.”

PTCE Consistently Adapted to Reflect Demands of 21st Century Pharmacy Industry

The PTCE is aswell consistently adapted in appointment with the Civic Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Modern pharmacists’ responsibilities today awning decidedly added direct-patient affliction and medication analysis administration than in the past, and this trend is about absolutely traveling to access with the advancing cycle out of bloom affliction reform. This agency PTCB-certified pharmacy technicians charge to accept added training to advance the abilities all-important to advice pharmacists advance accommodating affliction and safety, abutment new pharmacy IT systems and pharmacy operations.

Pharmacy Artisan Training and Licensing

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a lot of pharmacy tech training programs endure from nine to 12 months and advance to a able certificate. A few PT programs endure 18 to 24 months and aftereffect in an accessory degree. A lot of association colleges and abstruse schools action a pharmacy artisan training program, and some beyond retail pharmacy chains action an centralized training affairs overseen by the American Society of Bloom Arrangement Pharmacists.

PT training programs awning the algebraic acclimated in pharmacies, almanac keeping, and methods of dispensing medications, as able-bodied as pharmacy law and ethics. Training about focuses in accurate on the names, uses and able doses of accepted medications. Nearly all pharmacy tech programs aswell action at atomic a few weeks of analytic acquaintance alive in a pharmacy afterwards you accept abundantly completed your antecedent training.

Almost all states crave pharmacy technicians to be accountant or registered. Earning a pharmacy tech authorization about requires a top academy diploma, commutual an accustomed PT training affairs and casual a licensing exam. A lot of administration and abounding states crave pharmacy techs to be certified by a civic acceptance lath such as PTCB.